Water Heater & Boiler Installation/Repair

It may be time for a new water heater in your home. Whether you aren’t getting enough hot water, or you have leaks in the system. Plumbing Durango has the best resources to provide you with a multitude of high-quality water heaters. We specialize in energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

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More often than not, we try our best to get your current water heater repaired. Repair is usually the most cost-efficient and has saved our customer’s boatloads of stress. Typically with some troubleshooting and a closer look into the system, problems can be addressed.


Corrosion is your biggest enemy with water heaters. Corrosion is the primary reason we see people requiring a new unit. The good news is that water heaters with a heating element burned out, minor leaks or pressure valves have gone wrong; they usually have a solid chance at repair.

Repairs are your best shot at saving a ton of money. We need to help our customers do just that.

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Locations we currently service:

  • Durango
  • Farmington
  • Cortez
  • Bayfield

Don’t see your city on the list? Give us a call anyways to check up on the possibility of service to your residence or business.

Depending on the brand of your water heater, they typically last about ten years. Generally, after ten years, you’ll want to go with the replacement route. We perform an in-depth diagnosis of the unit to determine if a replacement is needed. Safety is a big issue with old units. Our certified professionals have the training to inspect all possibilities and to fix the problem as cost-effectively possible.


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